Week 58

March 29, 2017:

Sorry it has been a while since I have emailed. This week p-day was moved to Wednesday because we are going to the temple. Since we are in the northern half of the mission we are headed up to Portland.  I will definitely send pictures later on today.

First of all we have a baptism next week! It is a mother and daughter that are going to get baptized on April 8. The mother removed her name from the records of the church years ago and has decided that she wants to come back and her 15 year old daughter is going to get baptized as well! The daughter is Kaylee. So there is a fun story that
comes along with this: Kaylee was originally going to get baptized on April 29. Last Monday we had a lesson with them and before the lesson we were talking about how we felt that her date could be moved a lot sooner. During the lesson Kaylee said she couldn’t wait until the 29th and wanted it to be sooner. We had not even brought that up yet!
She is so wonderful and has decided that she is going to surprise her family at the baptism. None of her extended family knows that she is getting baptized.  They are all planning on coming to the baptism and they think it will just be her mom getting baptized. We are really excited and we have spent a lot of time working with them this past week.
Another thing that happened this week was we had interviews. After we finished with our interviews we left our car at the church and decided to walk. We didn’t make it too far before we ran into someone.  We talk to everyone so we stopped and started
talking to him. Turns out that at the same time President and Sister Russell were walking out of the church building. We had turned so we were facing back towards the church so we could see them come out. It didn’t take too long before they we could tell that they were watching. They were definitely too far away to hear what was being said but they just stood and watched. He wasn’t interested so we just kept walking and went to find more people. Fast forward to Saturday night and we went to the women’s broadcast and it was SO great! Right after we had a lesson with another investigator that is on date for
baptism. Right before we went into the lesson we noticed that we had missed a call from President Russell. We texted him and told him we would call back after the lesson. The lesson went really well!

After the lesson we went to the car and called President back. He told us that both he and Sister Russell were there and that they had something to tell us. They went on to explain that when they heard the talk about certain women they thought about when they saw us talking to the boy after interviews. They explained that they knew that we had certain testimonies because we were sharing the gospel with everyone.  It was so great to hear that from them.

I hope that you all have an absolutely amazing weekend and enjoy General Conference!


I don’t think we have gotten into wifi yet today so you will probably get this email and the last at the same time…. oops. The temple was wonderful and it is so beautiful! We ended up missing our 10:00 session so we went to the 10:30. But it worked out just fine. As we were waiting for the session to start I noticed that there were some elders that I was in the MTC with in the 10:30 session. They are serving in a mission in Washington so that was super cool to see them! I felt bad though because I didn’t remember their names….. haha afterward we had to get a picture in front of the temple! Love you and I will send more on Monday!


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