Week 56

From March 13, 2017:

This week at MLC they announced that this transfer will be a 5 week transfer. They also announced that they are going to have a 7 week transfer that follows that. That will make it so the August transfer will end on August 28. That means I will come home on August 29. They won’t tell us any reasons behind why they are adjusting the transfers, they just said it is a good reason.

We knew there was a five week transfer coming up but they surprised us with the seven week transfer. We stopped by the mission office this week while we were in Eugene and the secretary, Sister Mabey, told us that they buy our tickets about three months ahead of time and send the information to our families. By the end of May you will know for sure the exact date that I will be home.

I am staying here in Corvallis. My new companion will be Sister Mills.  She is from Orem I think.  She won’t be here until at least 5 this evening.

We were so busy all week long.  Most of what we were doing was meetings and planning though. But we got three more people on date! We are so excited because we are seeing the results of all of the hard work. Also I am staying in Corvallis for the next five weeks!

On Tuesday we went to Eugene and had MLC, it was so great and we learned so many great things about church attendance. They talked a lot about the importance of getting investigators to church.

On Thursday we had a lesson where we took the talking stick. It worked out super well and put our investigator on date. He just needed to be able to share his feelings while his grandpa was quiet.

On Friday we taught ZTM and President and Sister Russell showed up! It was so stressful! There were so many people in the room and I hate being the center of attention. It went  well though and we only heard good things about it afterwards. President also showed us the new Easter initiative. It is called Prince of Peace and we are super excited to be able to use it! Also on Friday we decided to chase the chickens in our backyard, I don’t think they liked it that much….





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