Week 55

From March 6, 2017:

Em week 55-1.png

The picture above is of two sisters who are serving in Grandma Stringham’s mission.  The one on the left is from California,  and the one on the right is from Medford (her last name is Ruis and they are in a ward in Central Point).

Other background for this week’s email:  Braxton and Riley wandered away from the house and were found about a half hour later.  They had made their way down to the bus stop to wait for their brothers to come home (too bad it would be three hours before the bus came).

From Emily: I have seen her before! She was a temple worker for a while.  She was in the Medford 4th Ward which is in the Central Point stake.  She went to lessons all the time with the sisters.  I think I talked to her once. Is Braxton really reading? That is crazy! Tell him happy birthday for me! I was thinking about it this week and realized that everyone has to have one more birthday and then I will be home! And it always seems like all of the birthdays are so close together and go so fast. I love the cake! It looks so good! That is so funny that they were waiting for all of their brothers! They are so cute!

We had a great week in Corvallis! There were quite a few days that the sun came out. But this morning we work up to 5 inches of snow! That just made it an adventure. This past week we were super busy – we taught 20 lessons! It was so great!   On Tuesday we had zone conference.  We learned about the Book of Mormon – how we can use it to help those that we are teaching. It was great because we are now focusing on that with quite a few of our investigators. President Russell also announced that we are now a mile a day mission. That means every morning every companionship has to do one mile for exercises. We have been loving it so much!  On Wednesday we had lessons all day long.  We worked so hard all weekend and by the end of the week we had 7 new investigators.  It has been kind of a crazy day so far.  It took us 45 minutes to get out of our driveway because of the snow. We also lost power.  There is a power line and a tree in the middle of the street right by our house.  Luckily we had both showered already and the washer had finished.  We are excited for the least week of the transfer! 



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