Week 54

From February 27, 2017:

This week Grandma Stringham finished her time in the MTC and we drove her to Texas to serve for 18 months in the Texas Dallas Mission.  After reaching Dallas, we were invited to attend two lessons with Grandma Stringham and her companion (Sister Nebeker).

From Emily:

I love all of the pictures that you sent and it sounds like you had a fun drive! It is good to
hear that Tyson is getting better.  I love you and hope that your lessons go absolutely wonderful!

Last Monday we had dinner with a family that lives out in the middle of nowhere so they came and picked us up.  On the way out to their place we passed a field that OSU owns and they do a whole bunch of research there.  All of the elk go there because they know that they cannot be hunted so we got a pretty cool little video of when we were driving by.

We also got to meet a cute little old couple that gave us pie and ice cream. There were some members that told us to go and visit some of their neighbors so we went and had a great conversation with them and they gave us really great pie!

Every day we had quite a few lessons that were all great.  On Thursday we were doing weekly planning and there was a loud sound so we walked outside and it was hailing like crazy!

On Friday we started an exchange.  I went with Sister Cortez! It was so great and we found out that she loves Oreo ice cream. We had a great exchange with a good lesson where we were able to teach the plan of salvation.

We had a great week and we are excited for this coming week!


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