Week 53

From February 20, 2017:

How is Tyson doing? I know you said that you were going to take him to a spine specialist this week? When will you send him back to school?
It is crazy to think that grandma is a missionary! It was a little bit strange to get pictures of someone else going to the MTC! Does she have an email address? Also what is her mailing address? I have a letter I want to send to her.
I can’t believe Dallin is already old enough to turn in his papers! I guess it really will be 3 1/2 years that we go without seeing each other.
Valentine’s Day was so much fun! We really didn’t do anything – it was just like any other day for us. Although we did both wear pink.  The only picture that I have from this week was on that day, and we had just finished a couple hours of walking so the picture is a little bit rough. But we did get to talk to a lot of great people on that day!
On Wednesday we just taught lessons all day long.  It was so great! There was one lesson that we were teaching a new investigator named Alex. He was interested in the Book of Mormon because he studies ancient civilizations and he said that the Book of Mormon would line up with some ancient American civilization. It was just so interesting to see that he was so willing to read the Book of Mormon but he was not willing to pray because he said that he is not a spiritual person. It was sad to see him not even willing to talk to Heavenly Father.
On Thursday we went and helped a less active member of the ward. She is going through a really bad divorce right now. She told us that she needed help going through stuff because she had not been able to because she was crying too much. It was so sad – basically we sat and watched her go through closets and sort them. After that we decided to go eat Panda Express to make us happier, and it did because a member was there and bought us food.
On Friday we started an exchange with the YSA sisters. I was with Sister Santiago. She has been out for about 7 months and this is her first area that has not been Spanish speaking. She is from Mexico and she definitely loves Spanish. But she also has great English! She is super cute and we had lots of good times.
We are looking forward to another wonderful week!
Em week 53-1.png

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