Week 52

From February 13, 2017:


This is the email Emily got from home this week:

Darrell had a scout camp on Friday night.  There weren’t very many boys going,  so he took Nathan and Tyson.  On Saturday morning they were cleaning up and the boys were sleigh riding. Tyson decided to go down a bigger hill with a jump.  He remembers starting, but has no recollection of landing.  He was apparently thrown off the sleigh and landed on his head on a log.  We’re not sure how long he was unconscious,  but it was a few minutes.  They were up Hobble Creek Canyon so there was no cell phone service.  Darrell carefully put Tyson in a toboggan and got him off the hill.  They carefully loaded him into the suburban and headed down.  By the time Darrell got to Mapleton, Tyson was in terrible pain and struggling to breathe.  He went straight to the fire station.  They put Tyson in the ambulance and started an IV and headed to the hospital.
By the time I got to the hospital there were about 20 people working on Tyson in the trauma unit.  He was still having a hard time breathing and his pain was through the roof.  It’s almost unbearable to watch that happen!  One doctor told me that she suspected he had broken ribs and possibly a punctured lung.  They did a CT scan and found that lungs and ribs were okay.  He does have a concussion,  internal bleeding,  and three broken vertebrae.
We came home from the hospital today.  We’ll be keeping a very close eye on him for the next 72 hours to watch for signs of any more bleeding.  We don’t expect any problems and Tyson acts like nothing is wrong tonight.  He can’t go to recess or PE or playgrounds for 6 weeks while we wait for his “broken back” to heal.  We’re basically wrapping him in bubble wrap to protect him until April.
This event shook me up.  I don’t know if Darrell will tell you,  but it scared him pretty bad too. We were sitting in the trauma room with Tyson and I sent this text to my mom and sisters: “My testimony of missionary work has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.  Our family has been blessed time after time since Emily left.  Today we’re sitting at the ER. Tyson lost consciousness after a pretty bad sleigh riding accident.  He rode to the hospital in the ambulance and is being treated in the trauma unit.  He is now alert, and both lungs are inflated – even the doctor is surprised. We’re waiting to hear back from Primary Children’s about test results, but expect everything to be okay. I have no doubt we are watched over so Emily doesn’t have to be distracted from her work.  This isn’t our first ER visit since she left,  and we have always had surprisingly positive outcomes. Mom,  I know that there are an awful lot of new and scary things you will face over the next 18 months,  but I am truly grateful for the “insurance policy” you’re giving the rest of us.  The Lord will no doubt bless the family you leave here so that there won’t be a distraction from the great work you will do.”
Em,  there have been many times over the past year that I have told you that your family is being blessed through your service.  This week was the pinnacle example of that.  Even though Tyson’s injuries are serious,  he will be okay.  I know that there has been intervention on his behalf. I know that a huge part off that reason is because of your service.  We love you so much!  We have such great (and growing) faith in the work you are doing.  Always remember that every effort is rewarded. Maybe you don’t see the reward,  but we see it every day at home.
Love you,
This reply from Emily:
I am so glad that he is going to be ok! That is really scary! Is he allowed to go back to school?
Here is the little bit about our week:

What a fun week! We spent a lot of time in meetings this week but we were also able to find 6 new investigators.

On Tuesday we had to go to Eugene again. We had MLC – it is a big meeting for all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders. We are taught for about 6  hours, but it is all really good though and it doesn’t feel that long. President and Sister Russell teach, as well as the other members of the mission presidency. The APs also teach. This time the meeting was focused a lot on prayer and how to begin teaching. There were a lot of really good things that were discussed.

On Wednesday we found one of our new investigators; her name is Madison. We went to her house looking for someone else but she was the one that was there so we taught her. We were able to teach her a shortened version of the restoration. She really got the idea of having a living prophet! It was such a miracle to find her. We also taught Ed. This week one of the first things he did was give me a ring that he made. Apparently a Native American tradition is to give your friends a gift and they keep it and remember you every time they see it. So all of the missionaries that he likes he has made a ring for. The thing is he makes them out of quarters. So he went through all of his quarters and found a Utah one so that it would be meaningful to me. It is super cool!

On Friday we got to teach ZTM.  We go to MLC so that we can go back and teach the rest of the zone everything that we learned there. I am not going to lie, I was super nervous! Corvallis is the biggest zone in the mission. There are currently 23 missionaries up here. Between us and the zone leaders we teach the three hour meeting. It actually turned out pretty well. It makes me laugh because I think about if I was asked to do that a year ago I would have laughed and told them to keep dreaming! Also on Friday we had an exchange with the sisters that are serving in Waldport. It was basically a big sleepover because they stayed with us and we just traded companions and went out working.

On Saturday we had interviews with President Russell. We had a small meeting before he started the interviews. Because our zone is so big it took forever! The funny thing is we had so much planning we could have done except our area book crashed. That means that any missionary in the world who had an iPad could not use their area book. The problem is that everything we do is in our area book app.  We also had stake conference that night so we basically spent all day at the church. But it’s ok because Ed came to the adult session of stake conference! After that we got to have our interviews. We were there from 8:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night.

Overall a great week. We are super excited for this coming week.


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