Week 51

From February 6, 2017:

Wow, what a great week it has been! It honestly does not feel like it has been a full week since I got here. We have been so busy that it has gone by so fast. Here goes the attempt to put this week into words:

On Monday we left Eugene not long after 4.  We made it up here to Corvallis not too long after 5. We got up here and ended up waiting at the transfer spot for a while with some elders who were going out to the coast. They didn’t have a phone or any way to get in contact with the member that was taking them out there. The transfer spot up here is a gas station. Around 6 the member showed up so we ran to dinner. After dinner we spent the evening meeting the bishop and ward mission leader.

On Tuesday we went and did service for a couple of hours.  We hung up clothes at a little thrift store. After we went and had lunch with the Spanish sisters. Hermana Dueñas is from Mexico and Hermana Cortez is from El Salvador. They both are native Spanish speakers. Turns out that I know like zero Spanish. Hermana Dueñas has really good English and Hermana Cortez can understand most English and speak some. Google translate has become our best friend! After that we went finding. We went out walking for a lot of the day. We were able to have a lesson with some of our investigators that are on date for baptism in March; their names are Nikki and Anthony. They are engaged, so at that lesson we got to see her dress!

On Wednesday we went finding with the YSA sisters, Sister Herbst (from Utah) and Sister Santiago (from Mexico). They are both new to the area. Basically when you go finding with YSA you walk around campus and talk to as many people as will let you. It is slightly stressful but kind of fun at the same time. At least they usually don’t have much time to be super mean – they either let you talk to them or just say they are late to their next class. We talked to a ton of really cool people so hopefully the sisters will have more to work with.

We also had to take Hermana Cortez to the doctor.  She has been having heart problems so they had her wear a monitor for a couple of days to see what is going on. We also had a lesson with Ed.  He is amazing! He is Native American and is an elder in his tribe. We watched the restoration movie with him. He also just finished reading the Book of Mormon all the way through this past week. We asked him how he felt about it and he said that he wasn’t going to say that it is not true, but he loves coming to church and meeting with us. Also he can apparently read people very well. At the end of the lesson he had me stand up and he looked into my eyes and held my hands so he could decide if he wanted to invite us back. I guess I passed the test because we are going back this next week and he is making me a ring! We also had a lesson where we watched Meet the Mormons with a recent convert and his grandson (who is not yet a member).

Thursday we did a lot of weekly planning, and that took most of the day. We also got to meet the new sister in the zone. Her name is Sister Clarke and she is being trained out in Waldport on the coast. Sister Tofilau is training her! We also had another lesson with Nikki and Anthony on Thursday night.

Friday we had district meeting and talked a lot about personal revelation. After that we went to the doctor because my companion has been sick all week long.  My companion is Sister Vance, I don’t know if I ever said that…. haha!  Anyway she has had a super bad cough and has not been feeling good at all so she went to the doctor. We also had four other lessons that day but those people are all progressing a little bit slower so we don’t really need to go into depth about those.

On Saturday we went to Eugene. I had to go to a new STL training in the mission home. It was really good.

On Sunday we had three investigators at church! We sat with Ed. After church we went finding for a while before we went and had dinner with the family that we live with. We live with the Barlow family.  They are so great! We live in a part of their basement and they treat us like family. For instance the Christmas tree is still up so yesterday while we were out they went in and decorated it for Valentine’s Day! They have four kids and are so much fun! They joked about decorating it for every holiday and so we will see how that goes.  I am excited to see all of the different holidays!

I am really doing great here.  It is slightly stressful and crazy. There are six other sisters here who we have to help whenever they call, so it keeps us on our toes. But I love being able to help them. It really hit me that I might be getting to be an old missionary when I realized that out of all of the sisters here my companion is the only one who has been out longer than me. I still feel like a new missionary and I know that I have so much room to grow. I am excited to be here serving!


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