Week 44

From December 19, 2016:
I am so excited to talk to all of you! Just think we made it through the longest time without talking! It is only 5 months to Mother’s Day and then I will be home not long after that!
The last package I got from you was the birthday one.  The mission office is holding all of them until zone conference this week. I guess they didn’t want us to open them all right away and not wait until Christmas. We are going down to Roseburg on Thursday and we will get them all that day!  I will tell you on Sunday all of the ones that I get. I am so excited to talk to you! So the rule on Skype calls is that if we have two families we get to talk to each for 30 minutes or one for 45 minutes. I talked to President Russell and he said it was ok if I talk to all of you for 45 and the other is 15. I just didn’t want to give up any time I got to talk to you but I know that my dad wanted to talk to me too. I just love you and can’t wait to talk to you!
I am sorry that you are all sick, I feel like I might be getting sick too. I just hope no one is sick on Christmas…. hopefully the last two won’t catch it!
That is so good that Jamison came home.  It didn’t sound like he was going to make it. That was definitely a Christmas miracle!
That is so fun that you and Grandma got to go to Texas! The mission office is always a fun place.  The senior missionaries are the best and everyone loves them! I bet most of the missionaries there will love her! Will she be in the office a lot? The apartments they put missionaries in can be really interesting…. I am sure she will be fine! Just think of it this way: we have a homeless man that basically live in our complex and we are fine. He has never done anything, he just comes and digs through the dumpster at night and leaves. We leave him alone and he leaves us alone.
Hopefully everything will go faster with the house and you will be able to get into it soon!
That is crazy to think that Darrell will be here tonight! I just love him and miss him…..
This week has  been freezing! Literally it has been icy all week long! It rains and then the rain freezes. Also the trees here are not strong enough to hold the ice so a lot of the trees fall when they get a little bit of ice on them….. literally entire trees just falling….. and the trees here are big! There are roads closed because the trees are not by the road but in the road now. It makes traffic a nightmare! We got new missionaries this week and their first morning here they had to move trees to get out of the mission home because they were stuck because the trees trapped them there.  We also had to go do emergency service at a food bank for 2 1/2 hours because people have been out of power because some of the power lines just can’t hold the weight of the ice and are breaking. We had to pack food for homeless people, and the Eugene area has a very large number of homeless people. People who work for the power companies have been working 24 hours.  This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. They also canceled school. Even though it has been crazy with the weather it has been great to be able to serve those around us. It is amazing how even though we only spent a couple of hours serving so much got done and we were able to help so many in need.
Anyway besides the weather we had a decent week! We mostly taught less active members. My companion is still getting settled into the area. Funny story from this week… I totally broke the only key we had to our apartment, so we spent four hours on Saturday night getting that fixed….. haha. Luckily we were in the apartment and the elders that live in the same complex were able to figure out how to get the new deadbolt on.  I am learning to love people that I would not otherwise even talk to.
Love you lots!
Em week 44-1

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