Week 41

From November 28, 2016:

We had a pretty good week! Surprisingly we did not eat turkey once.  We had Thanksgiving dinner with a family from the Philippines.  They were super cute but it was definitely a very interesting meal. After Thanksgiving no one served us leftovers
because they were all worried that we would be tired of having turkey.  It was a little bit funny to see people’s reaction when we told them we had not had any turkey!
We were able to have a great lesson with a part member family. The husband has investigated the church for a long time. We had set up an appointment to go and have a lesson with them, but when we got there all of the lights were turned off so we were worried they had forgotten.  She came to the door and told us they had.  We set up another time and started walking away. We were almost back to our car when she came  running down the sidewalk, yelling for us to come back. She had told her husband she sent us away and he told her to go get us because he still wanted to have the lesson! We went back and had a wonderful lesson! He has quite a few questions but has been prepared! They are the cutest little family and they set goals to start praying and
studying together! We are super excited for them!
Also the new Christmas initiative came out! It is called Light the World and it is amazing! They showed it to us a month ago and we have just had to wait for it to officially release.  Needless to say we were very excited on Friday when it was released.  If you haven’t
watched it you definitely should.  And there are little videos for every day in December.  They are only 30 seconds long so they don’t take much time at all.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you enjoyed it!

Love you!

Also we got a funny text we got from a less active member because it was civil war weekend here in Oregon.  From what we have heard most people were expecting the Ducks to win! I guess it is comparable to when BYU and the Utes play each other! Both universities are in our mission.  In Springfield we are closer to the Ducks so there are a lot of unhappy people around here… we made a joke about there being a lot of angry birds around here….. 😂



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