Week 38

From November 7, 2016:

Ok so transfers – we got the call on Friday. First off you should know that most missionaries don’t want to get a call on Friday because those are leadership calls.  We went all of Friday without a call and then that night around 9:15 I was sitting on the couch with the phone by me when it started ringing. Turns out I am going to Springfield to finish training a new missionary.  I am really nervous… and the way it works out we have to finish her last six weeks in five because this next transfer will be cut a week short. I honestly feel like I cannot do it.  I know it is hard because right in the beginning of your mission you have totally different companions who do things totally different and it can be hard. And I know the sister that started training her, she is very sweet. She is a very quiet sister. I know that sounds a lot like me but I think you might be surprised how much I have changed when I come home. I know that with every companion it takes adjusting and I know that was hard for me the first time. I have felt sick all weekend because I am a little stressed about it. I am just praying this is all going to work out.
We have to get going but I love you!
Last zone picture in Roseburg!

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