Week 37

From October 31, 2016:

This week has been…. interesting.  It started off with a bang. Literally. Someone backed into our car.  On Monday night we went to visit a less active member at her video store.  We were sitting in the car looking up information on our iPads when we felt the car move. We looked up and saw a truck that had backed into us. We got out and spent the next hour filling out paperwork; luckily the man was cooperative. Unfortunately our car looks a little bit sad now and we will be without a car for a couple of days. After we finished all of the paperwork we asked them if they had ever heard of the Book of Mormon.  They were not so open to that and continued to tell us reasons why they felt it was not true. Just goes to show that not everyone is prepared to hear the gospel! To say the least we have spend a lot of hours dealing with the little accident this week! We also had to move Karl’s baptism back a week. Unfortunately this one was kind of our fault… we thought that he was understanding everything and keeping all of his commitments but it turns out we were just doing a terrible job at following up on his commitments so we moved his date. It was a really interesting week! We will be getting transfer news this week – transfers are in a week from today!

Love you and hope you have a great week!!!!

I did my companion’s hair…. never again will I think that I have thick hair!!!

These are screenshots from a video that we took. It was a lot of fun to say the least!


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