Week 35

Wow it has been a long time! A lot has happened since last Monday. We have stayed busy so that has helped. It has basically been a constant rain storm for the past week and a half so raincoats and umbrellas have been put to a good use. Luckily the storm that passed through here did not do as much damage as they were saying it was going to. It was so interesting to see how everyone was scrambling at the last moment to get everything that they would need if it really was that bad. Apparently stores were running out of generators and other supplies like that…. I guess it just goes to show that we need to be prepared for whatever happens. The storm had mostly broken up by the time it got to Roseburg so that was good. It was just a windy couple of days with LOTS of rain.
Carl and Darlene are doing pretty good. Carl is still preparing for baptism on Nov. 5. Darlene will not be getting baptized that day, she needs a little bit more time to prepare but they are doing great otherwise! Lessons with them are so much fun, they always keep their commitments and love to learn more. They are what you would call golden investigators. Last week we went over and had a lesson with them and after the lesson they told us they had a surprise… I guess it wasn’t really a surprise because the gifts had been sitting in front of us through the entire lesson. They were our early Christmas presents! They gave us some boots!
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go to a devotional where Elder Christofferson was speaking. He came and visited the mission last week and they had a special devotional for the 10 stakes in the mission. He was in Central Point so unfortunately we did not get to meet him but we were able to watch the broadcast from the stake center in Roseburg. It was an amazing meeting! They talked so much about how doing the little things makes the biggest difference. Throughout the entire meeting the focus was on reading our scriptures and saying our prayers. It was an amazing experience!
I was thinking about your anniversary, I couldn’t remember if it was on the 3rd or 11th. I guess that answered my question! I am super jealous that you got to go to the football game. I have told my companion many time that is one of the few things that I really miss. It makes me laugh because I think a lot of people look at me and are expecting a really girly girl and it really surprises them to find out I really am not. I guess it is just all of the skirts that confuse them lol. Also I showed my companion the picture of Darrell with the food. She said it looked great, I proceeded to tell her about how they have the best burger and fries! I told her if she comes back to the states to visit I will have to take her there (Burger Supreme). She liked that idea, that is her favorite meal.
Also last week we had a rather scary experience. Now don’t freak out when you read this, we are fine and nothing happened to us! This experience just goes to show how important it is to have the spirit with us and what a difference it makes. I have never felt the spirit in my life as much as I have on my mission, which is good because we definitely need it. So last Saturday we went to go visit some less active members that lived out in the middle of nowhere. It was about a 20 minute drive to get out to their house. When we got out there my companion looked at the phone and noticed that we didn’t have service, so we decided to leave the phone in the car. We walked up to the door and knocked, and an elderly man answered the door. We asked for the people and he disappeared into the house. He came back a minute later and told us to come in the house. Of course our rules say that there has to be another female in the home for us to go in. They said there was a female so we went in. The house was extremely dirty and smelled like cigarettes and rotting food. I think it was the worst house I have ever been in. They invited us to sit on the couch (which may have been the worst part of the house).  Before we got the chance to sit one of the men told us that they needed us to go to the back of the house. We didn’t say anything at the time but both of us knew at that point that we needed to get out, but neither of us really knew what to do so we went where we were told. As we got shuffled through the house we saw a woman walking toward the back where we were headed. Right before she walked through the door she turned and I realized that about half of her face was missing and you could see into her face (she had untreated diabetes). We made it out to the back porch and started to talk. Neither of us could feel the spirit.  We talked about it later and it turns out both of us had objects in our pockets that we were decided how we would use them to escape if it got bad. I had the car keys and she had a flashlight. About an hour later she stopped talking long enough for us to say that we needed to go. There has definitely been sleep lost over that situation. After that experience we decided that we will definitely be following any prompting we get from the spirit. It is amazing how we can be warned of things like that and even though we may not have been listening like we should have we know that we are always protected!
The temple was so amazing this morning! It was great to get to go back down to Central Point. We just got back to Roseburg so we don’t have much time to email before pday ends.
Love you lots!


Week 34

Fall is definitely in the air, or falling out of the air here…. it rains most if not every day now. This week seemed to drag on forever…. it was just a little bit slower this week. Also just a heads up that pday will be on Thursday of next week, we are going to the temple so it will be a short pday as well.
Carl and his wife are awesome! Carl is really excited for his baptism.  His wife is a little bit hesitant so it might take her some more time to prepare. Carl came to church and loved it! He has made a lot of friends in the ward. This week we had a lesson with them and they asked us if they could get us early Christmas gifts because it is likely that we will both be gone by Christmas time.  They asked for our shoe sizes so we are excited to see what they get!


We got to go and teach the Leach family again this week also. They are doing amazing, they love the ward and everyone loves them. They are very involved and their testimonies just keep growing – it is amazing! When we went over this week Connor had his future missionary tag that we gave him at his baptism on. Of course we had to take a picture. He will be a stellar missionary in another 10 years.  He already knows so much and he will just continue to learn!


We also got to teach a young man named Tommy. His father and step mother are members but his mother is not. He is a bright kid and we believe that he will eventually get baptized; there just might be pressure from one side of the family to not join. He is also 15 so he would need permission from both parents. He is golden.  He asks the best questions and definitely wants to understand. He actively participates in seminary (which has to be early morning here) and all of his church classes. He went on trek this summer and apparently gave a very powerful testimony on one of the last days.


That makes me laugh that the boys are still fighting over the same things. I think when I come home I might have to split time between going shooting with you and staying home and hanging out with mom! Conference was amazing! We watched it at the church and it was freezing so we took blankets to the rest of the sessions.


We went and had our lesson with Carl and his wife, they are now on date for baptism! The date in November 5. They are great people and we are super excited!


Love you!