Week 30

On Monday we had a great lesson with the Leach family. We had dinner and a lesson.  The Lindner family came with us. Toward the end of the lesson Brother Lindner asked Beth how she felt about getting baptized. Just a little background: the Lindner’s and the Leach’s are really good friends but the Leach’s had not told anyone about the baptism. On Sunday we were having dinner with the Lindner’s and we told them that the baptism was in two weeks. Brother Lindner actually cried! So we set it up for them to come to the next lesson we had with them.  At the end of this lesson he asked her feelings about baptism and she said that she was not sure if she had her answer yet. Brother Lindner helped her to understand how she has already gotten her answer and just had not realized it yet. She would tell us that when she was at church and when we were in their home she felt that it was right but as soon as we would leave she was not sure. He explained that was because she was feeling the Holy Ghost. By the end of the lesson there were lots of tears and she knew that she had made the right choice! Also a funny side note from that lesson, apparently in Samoa it is not rude to ask someone if they are pregnant. So right before the lesson started my companion asked sister Lindner if she was pregnant! Luckily she is so that made it a little bit less awkward. I guess you could call that a little bit of culture shock.
On Tuesday we went back out to Elkton. It is one of the tiny towns in our area. We were able to talk to a couple of people while we were walking around. There was one lady who had two large dogs, and we talked to her for a while. Turns out she has lived in Elkton for just a couple of years and is going through a really rough time right now.  She is battling cancer. We gave her a pass-along card with a picture of Christ and talked for a while. She seemed very appreciative but had to get going. Also while we were driving out there and while we were there we had to the lots of pictures because it was just too pretty to not!
On Wednesday we get to do some service.  We volunteer at the food pantry in Sutherlin. We spend a couple of hours there helping out.  It is great to be able to serve so many people in the community who are in need. After that we had lunch and we went down to Roseburg to get a couple of things at Walmart that we needed and forgot to get on P-day. While we were there we ran into some of the other sisters that are serving in Roseburg.  We talked for a couple of minutes and went our separate ways. We got what we needed and came home. Right after we got home the sisters called us and told us that they were stuck at Walmart and their car battery was dead and they did not want to call the zone leaders because they didn’t want to have to explain why they were at Walmart on a day that was not a P-day. They had already tried to call some members from their ward and a few other missionaries but no one could help them. It also turns out that none of the mission vehicles have jumper cables. We told them that we would talk to the member that we live with and see if we could borrow some and come help them. We live on top of his military surplus store so we figured he has jumper cables. We went out to get in our car and Brother Caldwell was going to get in his car.  We ran over and stopped him and asked if he had any jumper cables that we could borrow.  He kind of laughed and said it was funny that we would ask for those. Right before he had walked outside he had picked up some jumper cables and put them on his kitchen table. He got them for us and told us to be careful. While we were in Roseburg helping the sisters we were able to find small gifts to give to the Leach’s at their baptism. Even though this is kind of a funny story it just goes to show that things happen for a reason.
Friday we had interviews. They are always good because before the interviews President and Sister Russell spend a few hours teaching us. They always have great things to say and I know that it helps me so much. Unfortunately interviews can take a long time…. We were at the church for seven hours and there were a few more companionships that had to go after we left.
On Saturday the Leach’s had their baptismal interviews. They passed so we will for sure have a baptism on Saturday! Connor is so smart and loves to talk so we laughed a little bit when his interview took longer than Beth’s. We also got to teach Loretta; she calls us her girls and makes sure that we feel at home when we are at her house.
We had another wonderful week and we are excited for the next!
Pictures are from the baptismal interview, Elkton, and when I did Sister T’s hair. She may have been a little bit nervous but it turned out pretty good.


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