Week 29

I hope that Sister Rasmussen is doing ok.  It is so cute that you went to her homecoming and they loved her! She is amazing!
Last Monday we went over and had dinner and a lesson with the Leach family. They are super cute and we had a wonderful lesson. They understand everything and they are progressing toward baptism! For dinner Chris made fried rice and taught us how to use chopsticks! That was the first time I have finished a meal using chopsticks!
Tuesday we went over and visited with Chelsea. She and her family are adorable! She is a caretaker and home-schools her two sons. She had not met Sister Tofilau yet so most of the time they were just getting to know each other. She has told us that her two sons will likely get baptized so we are going to start teaching them.  We also had a lesson with a young man named Tommy; he is 15 and his dad is a member. He had so many great questions.  We taught him the restoration. Teaching part member families is my favorite because they already have someone in the family who knows and can help bear testimony.  It is also amazing to know that they will be able to be sealed to their families for eternity.
On Wednesday we were able to go over and have another lesson with the Leach family.  We were able to teach them about tithing.  Connor is so smart and prepared to get baptized! He understands and answers our questions so well you would think he was raised in the
church. That day I also taught Sister Tofilau how to use silly string, she had never used it before. She was super confused about the purpose of it but that’s ok because we got some good laughs!
On Thursday we had a wonderful dinner and lesson with another part member family, the Sextons. She is a member and he is not yet. He has been investigating the church for a couple years now. We ended up just talking about why it is so important to read the Book of Mormon. It is amazing to see how reading the Book of Mormon gives people such a
strong testimony of the gospel.
On Friday we had district meeting.  It was wonderful, as a mission September is going to be a month dedicated to finding families so we learned a lot about families and how we can best teach them. We also had a lesson with one of our recent converts, Loretta. She is awesome.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her. She has such a strong testimony it is amazing! On Saturday we spent the whole day walking.  It was a little bit warm but worth it to talk to everyone. In the evening Sister T had a baptism that she was Skyping to so we went to the church. There was a little tiny snake by the door and she freaked
out.  Apparently they don’t have snakes in Samoa.  We had a wonderful week!

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