Week 27

I can’t believe that Jonathan is 12, I don’t feel like it is possible. I was thinking about it and I realized that I have already missed everyone’s birthday this year. I also realized that I have been gone for six months…. I really feel like I just left.

We had a good week, slightly stressful but good. One of my companions is going home tomorrow and the other is going to the coast. Sister Rasmussen left to go to Eugene to stay in the mission home for the night; she flies home tomorrow. Sister Santa Maria is going out to North Bend on the coast, so she leaves here in about two hours. My new companion is Sister Tofilau from Samoa. I served around her when I was in Central Point. She is very sweet and I am super excited for her to get here.

We had some great lessons this week. We are teaching a really cute part member family. The father is a member. We are teaching the mother and son. The son is so ready to get baptized, he answers all of the questions that we ask and he is amazing. For example we asked him why it is important to get baptized. His answer was so that we can take the first step to make it to the celestial kingdom….. We all sat for a minute and said nothing. We are just working through a few things with his mother and then they can get baptized! We went over last night and played a Book of Mormon board game with them. Also we found nutria. They are like a mix of beaver and rat. They are really gross, but kind of cool. They are in the background of one of the pictures.

Love you, have a wonderful week!

Here are a couple of random pictures from this week. One is at a recent convert’s home. In one Sister Rasmussen fell asleep during studies…. I guess that happens when you have been out 18 months. The last ones are in Oakland, a really cute little town we went to this week.



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