Week 26

We had a great week! There wasn’t anything super special it was just a
fun week. We did a lot of finding, unfortunately we were not able to
find any new investigators.
One funny story from this week. The car the we had was a silver Ford
Fusion. The assistants to the president had a dark gray Ford Fusion.
On Thursday the assistants called us called us and told us that we
needed to trade cars with them because they were putting miles on
theirs too fast. So that night we traded cars. The next day we had a
zone trading meeting, the zone leaders and the sister training leaders
have to teach and sometimes the assistants or president show up and
they hate teaching with them there. So no one in our zone knew that we
traded cars so we took our car and parked it at the church parking lot
early and the zone leaders and sister training leaders came and were
freaking our because they did not want to teach with the assistants
there. At the end of the meeting we went outside and told them all,
they thought it was funny.

We were able to spend all of Saturday out in a little town called
Elkton. It was extremely small and cute all of the people out there
are humble. It was super cute I can’t even describe it so I will just
send the pictures we took.


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