Week 27

I can’t believe that Jonathan is 12, I don’t feel like it is possible. I was thinking about it and I realized that I have already missed everyone’s birthday this year. I also realized that I have been gone for six months…. I really feel like I just left.

We had a good week, slightly stressful but good. One of my companions is going home tomorrow and the other is going to the coast. Sister Rasmussen left to go to Eugene to stay in the mission home for the night; she flies home tomorrow. Sister Santa Maria is going out to North Bend on the coast, so she leaves here in about two hours. My new companion is Sister Tofilau from Samoa. I served around her when I was in Central Point. She is very sweet and I am super excited for her to get here.

We had some great lessons this week. We are teaching a really cute part member family. The father is a member. We are teaching the mother and son. The son is so ready to get baptized, he answers all of the questions that we ask and he is amazing. For example we asked him why it is important to get baptized. His answer was so that we can take the first step to make it to the celestial kingdom….. We all sat for a minute and said nothing. We are just working through a few things with his mother and then they can get baptized! We went over last night and played a Book of Mormon board game with them. Also we found nutria. They are like a mix of beaver and rat. They are really gross, but kind of cool. They are in the background of one of the pictures.

Love you, have a wonderful week!

Here are a couple of random pictures from this week. One is at a recent convert’s home. In one Sister Rasmussen fell asleep during studies…. I guess that happens when you have been out 18 months. The last ones are in Oakland, a really cute little town we went to this week.



Week 26

We had a great week! There wasn’t anything super special it was just a
fun week. We did a lot of finding, unfortunately we were not able to
find any new investigators.
One funny story from this week. The car the we had was a silver Ford
Fusion. The assistants to the president had a dark gray Ford Fusion.
On Thursday the assistants called us called us and told us that we
needed to trade cars with them because they were putting miles on
theirs too fast. So that night we traded cars. The next day we had a
zone trading meeting, the zone leaders and the sister training leaders
have to teach and sometimes the assistants or president show up and
they hate teaching with them there. So no one in our zone knew that we
traded cars so we took our car and parked it at the church parking lot
early and the zone leaders and sister training leaders came and were
freaking our because they did not want to teach with the assistants
there. At the end of the meeting we went outside and told them all,
they thought it was funny.

We were able to spend all of Saturday out in a little town called
Elkton. It was extremely small and cute all of the people out there
are humble. It was super cute I can’t even describe it so I will just
send the pictures we took.

Week 25

I love you soooooo much!!! I missed you this week.  Our ward talked about emergency preparedness in church on Sunday and I just thought of you the whole time.  Also we were teaching a recent convert and she had hurt her back so we were teaching her in her bedroom kneeling around her bed, and it reminded me of sitting around your bed talking to you…. Whenever I miss you I wear your sweatshirt to bed…

Tell Jonathan happy birthday! I love you all!

On Saturday there was a really bad accident here. There was a lady that for some reason stopped her car on the train tracks and got out. We don’t know all of the details but she got hit by a train and was killed. The train ended up stopped on the tracks for a few hours. It was so sad to think that her family might not have the knowledge that they will ever see her again.

Also yesterday we witnessed an accident literally in front of us. There is the scripture that talks about how we will have angels all around us to help us; this story definitely goes to support that. So, we decided to park the car and walk yesterday. As we were walking we came to a cross walk and stopped to wait for the cars to stop so that we could cross. There was an older man driving a minivan that stopped to let us cross. Without thinking about it, all three of us stayed on the sidewalk. We knew that he was stopping for us and that we could cross but none of us moved for a couple of seconds. I remember looking down to step off the curb and hearing someone skidding. I looked up in time to see a truck run into the back of the van. The van of course went forward into the cross walk. We must be doing something right. Luckily no one was injured but they all might be a little bit stiff today. By the time we walked away we had talked to the driver of the van about the gospel. It was definitely a faith building experience.

Week 24

I hope that you all had a wonderful week and holiday! We had a lot of fun as well as a lot of wonderful lessons this week. One example was last Monday after p-day; we had someone ask us if we wanted to help them dig up a body…. They don’t really know if it is a body. We went by to see a recently baptized family and they were telling us about how the people that lived there before were crazy and under the house there is part of the ground that looks like a body could be buried there but they aren’t sure. Long story short, we will not be helping them dig up the potential body, mostly because we can’t find a time that works for all of us.

We have so many great people that we are teaching here! We are teaching some twins that are 12 years old. We had a great lesson with them on Saturday. We were able to teach them the restoration. Their grandparents are members and we teach them in their home. We feel like Thunder is a lot closer to baptism but has not set a date yet. They have been meeting with missionaries on and off for a long time. They have already been through all of the lessons at least once – it is just a matter of them finding out for themselves that the gospel is true.

We are also teaching an 85 year old lady that is from Germany. She is super cool. She is very sweet. The first time she met me she told me that I needed to change my name because it does not fit me…. That same day we stayed a little bit longer after our lesson to play cards with her. I was going to win the game and she told me that if I won that she was going to punch me in the nose… luckily she was just kidding.  She is a fireball and I love her. She is awesome!

I love this area and I love this time that I have to be able to serve. It is amazing how much I have learned and grown as a missionary. I know that my testimony has grown so much since I have been here. It is so crazy to me to think that I have been in Oregon for five months already! I love being able to teach people. I know that the only reason I am able to do the things that I am doing is because of the Savior. I know that with Him we are able to do things we never thought we would be able to do.