Week 23

I am going to miss all of the celebrations on the 24th. Send me lots of pictures of the float and everything else that you do this weekend! I hope your float is coming along nicely!

It is strange to not be in Central Point anymore, but I really like it here in Sutherlin. It was so strange to leave Central Point. It is a little bit cooler here than it was in Central Point. I do miss being close to Medford when Darrell goes there. We are definitely closer to Eugene now, in fact there is a girl we are teaching who lives in the Eugene zone. Her grandma got permission years ago to come to our ward so now we get to teach her granddaughter! We have a great area; it is very large! We drove out to the outermost part of our area yesterday and it takes about 35 minutes.

We went by and saw Jim and his family again this week. One of the first things they asked us when we got there was when mutual activities are. We weren’t able to teach them much so we will go back this week and teach them more. We also had a really good lesson with one lady, she is in her 80’s. She was born in Germany. She is now praying about baptism!

I am sure that you will be an amazing Scout Master; I expect to see pictures in your uniform!

It sounds like you have had a busy week and an even busier one coming.  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week and 24th!

This is us when we went over to a recent convert’s house and watched Mormon Messages with her:

Emily week 23-1

This is what we do for snacks while we are out during the day.  They grow everywhere here!  People actually treat them like weeks.

Emily week 23-2



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