Week 20

I can’t believe you were in Medford this morning! During the time you were there we were right across the street at Walmart! Hope you had a fun week in California!

I think this will be the last week I spend in Central Point. I love it here but I am ready to go. We will find out on Friday or Saturday what is happening. Next Monday we will actually be transferring, so depending on what happens to me, I might not be able to email much next week.

I wish I was there to do all of the 4th celebration! Send me lots of pictures! I got all of the pictures from when you were in California! I can’t wait to go!

I got the package! Thank you!

I heard I was the screensaver on Nathan’s iPod. He’s SO cute!

Happy birthday this week!!! You are getting so old!!! Just kidding; there was a sister sitting next to me and saw the pictures of you in California and asked if it was me….. I know that makes you happy. Hope you have a great day!

Funny story of the week: We went to Wendy’s on Friday after all of our meetings. We were walking out to the parking lot after we ate, and we were almost to our cars when this guy stopped us. He was very drunk and most likely high on something. He talked to all six of us sisters for five minutes and none of us had any idea what he was saying. Right before he left he gave us all names. The names were Definitely, Sherpa, Wendy, Maybe, Unusual, and I was Virginia. It was an interesting experience but we all laughed when he left.

This week my companion had to get an MRI. Turns out the place we had to go for that was right across from the airport entrance. It was weird to be that close. We drive by the airport all the time, but we just drive by the end of the runway and I had never driven by the entrance. We should get the results of her MRI this week so hopefully it’s not too bad.

We went and had breakfast on the farm this morning (first picture).

We had dinner with some members who happen to own a 7 foot snake (second picture). Yes, it is a real snake!


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