Week 18

Darrell took Jacob, Jonathan, Nathan, and Tyson to Alaska for the week. 

From Emily:

Send pictures!!!!!!!! And have fun!!!!!!!! I love you all!

It sounds like a fun week at home too!  I am so sad I was not able to be there for all of the summer activities.

Wow, it sounds like a lot of change for our ward…. Are you happy with the split? My LDS Tools updated so I can see our new ward – it looks interesting.

What is the theme of the float this year?

I am so happy for Chelsey and Carlin.  Hopefully I will be there when Mia is sealed to them. I love the pictures they sent!

We haven’t had much happen between Thursday and today. The most exciting thing was on Sunday.  We were working on clearing out some of the former and potential investigators from our area book.  The one drawback to an electronic area book is it can hold a lot of people for a lot of years. There were some people we were trying to find that had moved out a couple of years ago.  We were able to make three of them new investigators again! I love being here and I know this is where I need to be. I can’t believe this transfer is already half way over.

Today we had zone Olympics.  It was a lot of silly games. One game was throwing eggs between back and forth, getting farther apart until the egg finally broke on someone. Another one was a companion had to stand ten feet away with a cup and the other companion was blindfolded with a large squirt gun. I am now sitting here at the church soaked because I was the companion with the cup… It was a lot of fun!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you! Tell Riley that I will be home on August 29 of next year….


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