Week 17

I got my package on Monday – thank you very much! I am using the keyboard right now. It has been a long time since I have emailed. It is so crazy to think that you are just down the road some days! I love you!

Tell Tyson I said Hi back and that I miss him and I hope he had a happy birthday!

Thanks for all of the emails I love to see and hear about everything  that is going on! Sorry I don’t have much time to write today.  P day is short because of our temple trip this morning. Just know that I really do love getting all of the emails and pictures and videos. I promise I  will write more on Monday. 

We had a great morning in the temple. It has been a long, hot week; there were a lot of days that were in the high 90s and low 100s. The humidity makes it feel a lot warmer though.

We had an amazing experience this week! We had a lesson fall through so we ended up walking to our backups, and while we were walking we saw this man sitting outside of his house.  We went up and started talking to him.  Turns out he was reading his bible.  He hadn’t done that for a few years, so we started talking about the Book of Mormon.  Long story short, he has had a very rough past and he was looking for a way to  get rid of some of the guilt from his past. We are going back to meet with him tonight!

Em week 17



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