Week 12

I can’t believe it has been 12 weeks – I feel like I just got here. We have one investigator named Chris. He is in his 20’s but has a slight learning disability so it is taking him a bit longer to learn than other people but he is progressing. When he first started meeting with us 2 weeks ago he was refusing to go to church. Finally after meeting with him quite regularly he came to church yesterday! He still has a lot to learn but it has been amazing to see how much he has grown in the past few weeks. 

 I hope Darrell’s shoulder gets better and he gets cleared to go back to work. 

 I am so sad that I am missing baseball season but I know there are plenty of other years that I will be able to watch them play. Just send me pictures.

Tell Jonathan good job on Hershey track! Good luck with the piano practice!  

Tell Jacob I am super jealous he got to go to Carnegie Hall.

Hopefully getting tubes will help Mia. I feel so bad that she has some hearing loss… I love her so much!!!!


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