Week 11

This week was much better! There are still things that I struggle with but I have learned to change what I can and just let the rest go. It is just taking some adjusting for both of us. It’s good to hear that you are all doing better, at least there weren’t anymore surgeries or injuries this week! I got that package and I love it!  I got the pictures of Riley’s birthday. They are so cute! I miss him so much! It sounds like life is still just as crazy.  I hope your shoulder gets feeling better.  Of course whatever mom does is successful.
Our mission president told us to start making arrangements for our Mother’s Day call! Are there any times that you will not be available that day? I don’t know for sure what time but we can use Skype.
When was the last time you talked to the George’s? One of the missionaries said he is the bishop in Ashland right now.
This week we found seven new investigators! There was one day this week that we found four new investigators in an hour and a half, one is a retired clown. We are working hard everyday to find more people to teach and set up more lessons.
Love you all!!!

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