Week 10

We had a great week this week with investigators! We had a lesson with Chris this week, he said the only reason he isn’t baptized yet is because he hasn’t read the Book of Mormon. We left him with some chapters to read so hopefully next week we can set a date as a goal for him to be baptized! We also found four new investigators so we have some first lessons set up for this week.
Wow, I guess parents really do know what’s going on with their kids… This has been a really long hard week, adjusting to a new companion (it’s pretty rough).  I know that this transfer will only be as good as I make it so I am really trying to make the best of it. I almost cried when I read that you know that I am struggling, I didn’t want you to have to worry about that.
Jacob will also be driving soon… That could be good or bad….I love you all sooo much!!!  I can’t wait for Mother’s Day!!!! It is coming up so soon!
This is all of the sisters in my zone, we went out to the pear farm again this week! The one taking the picture is a new missionary, she is from Samoa!

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