Week 15

I am staying Central Point for another transfer! I got a new companion; her name is Sister Wood. She is from California and is very quiet. That would be a problem if a was still a quiet person; I have definitely gotten better at talking to people. At the end of this transfer I will have been in Central Point for 4 1/2 months, time flies! I am finally done with training! This week due to complications with teaching Chris we had to give him to the elders to teach… It is for the best but it was still a little bit sad. But that is ok because we have another investigator on date! Her name is Sue, she is 74, and she is amazing! I love her so much! I am so happy Chelsey went through the temple! I am a little bit sad I couldn’t be there.


I miss the boys.  Everyone talks about the Lithia water. I have been told not to drink it. I have heard it is really gross! I have quite a few pictures, I love it here! Love you! Have a great week with school ending and all!  We did service for a member this week. She lives on 33 acres and has a pond and school house on their property.



Week 14

Thanks for the update. We do have to have the first vision memorized. We also have to memorize D&C 4, the standard of truth, missionary purpose, three of the paragraphs from the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and 3 Nephi 5:13. It is amazing how having those memorized helps so much!

Sounds like it was another fun week! I wish I could call every week! Guess what? We got to go down to Ashland this week to do service! The whole time we were there I thought about you! It is so pretty down there!

I love you all!! Sorry I didn’t write earlier, we were in Medford playing sand volleyball. Good luck with all of the baseball games! I did get the video of the orchestra concert – tell Jacob good job! I love the pink package, thank you so much! We have transfers next Monday. I think I will be staying but just in case I leave if you need to send anything this week you might want to send it through the mission office. I love you! Have a great week!

Week 13

It is weird to not be able to see you again, but just think of it this way: Christmas is in 33 weeks!!! I love you all and being able to talk to you all was so great! My companion thought it was so funny how all of the boys would laugh in sync. She thinks they are all cute! Even if it wears Riley out to talk to me…. Haha I love him!

 Right after we got done skyping we went to a lesson with Isaac. He is an older man, maybe in his 60’s. He recently moved up here from Sacramento. While he was in Sacramento he had lots of problems. Over the course of his life he has spent 33 years in prison. He finally decided he was done living that way and moved up here to go to the VA rehab that is in Medford.  During this lesson we invited him to be baptized, and he said yes! We asked him what he is willing to do in order to be baptized and he said everything! I love watching people get excited to have the gospel in their lives!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Week 12

I can’t believe it has been 12 weeks – I feel like I just got here. We have one investigator named Chris. He is in his 20’s but has a slight learning disability so it is taking him a bit longer to learn than other people but he is progressing. When he first started meeting with us 2 weeks ago he was refusing to go to church. Finally after meeting with him quite regularly he came to church yesterday! He still has a lot to learn but it has been amazing to see how much he has grown in the past few weeks. 

 I hope Darrell’s shoulder gets better and he gets cleared to go back to work. 

 I am so sad that I am missing baseball season but I know there are plenty of other years that I will be able to watch them play. Just send me pictures.

Tell Jonathan good job on Hershey track! Good luck with the piano practice!  

Tell Jacob I am super jealous he got to go to Carnegie Hall.

Hopefully getting tubes will help Mia. I feel so bad that she has some hearing loss… I love her so much!!!!

Week 11

This week was much better! There are still things that I struggle with but I have learned to change what I can and just let the rest go. It is just taking some adjusting for both of us. It’s good to hear that you are all doing better, at least there weren’t anymore surgeries or injuries this week! I got that package and I love it!  I got the pictures of Riley’s birthday. They are so cute! I miss him so much! It sounds like life is still just as crazy.  I hope your shoulder gets feeling better.  Of course whatever mom does is successful.
Our mission president told us to start making arrangements for our Mother’s Day call! Are there any times that you will not be available that day? I don’t know for sure what time but we can use Skype.
When was the last time you talked to the George’s? One of the missionaries said he is the bishop in Ashland right now.
This week we found seven new investigators! There was one day this week that we found four new investigators in an hour and a half, one is a retired clown. We are working hard everyday to find more people to teach and set up more lessons.
Love you all!!!

Week 10

We had a great week this week with investigators! We had a lesson with Chris this week, he said the only reason he isn’t baptized yet is because he hasn’t read the Book of Mormon. We left him with some chapters to read so hopefully next week we can set a date as a goal for him to be baptized! We also found four new investigators so we have some first lessons set up for this week.
Wow, I guess parents really do know what’s going on with their kids… This has been a really long hard week, adjusting to a new companion (it’s pretty rough).  I know that this transfer will only be as good as I make it so I am really trying to make the best of it. I almost cried when I read that you know that I am struggling, I didn’t want you to have to worry about that.
Jacob will also be driving soon… That could be good or bad….I love you all sooo much!!!  I can’t wait for Mother’s Day!!!! It is coming up so soon!
This is all of the sisters in my zone, we went out to the pear farm again this week! The one taking the picture is a new missionary, she is from Samoa!