Week 9

I love you! I love the area that I am in. Unfortunately my companion got transferred to the coast: Newport. I am staying in Central Point for at least another 6 weeks.  My new companion is Sister Chang; she is from Utah but Chinese speaking.  She speaks English but has not taught in English for the last year…. I am a little bit nervous for what is going to happen but I guess it is what needs to happen. That’s what I did my first night in Eugene and – fun fact – it is one of the sisters I went out with my first night. I hope this transfer will go as well as the last since I have really loved last transfer! I already know Sister Chang will be teaching some lessons over Skype so I guess I will just be sitting and smiling like I know what is going on. I know that this transfer will be as good as I make it but I am really going to miss my old companion. We drive down Crater Lake Highway all the time we go to the Walmart right there. I love you all and I miss you! It sounds like you had a great spring break. I hope Jonathan’s head gets better soon… I love you all so much!


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