Week 6

Emily got her iPad this week, so we finally got a few pictures.  One picture is the view from the little house/apartment where she lives.


Hi everyone,
It has been a great week! I am learning so much. I am in such a great area, the members and investigators are great!
This week we had the opportunity to go volunteer at the church welfare farm (aka the pear farm) we were raking limbs. It was a great chance to go and help those in need. All of the pears are canned and go to the bishop storehouses all over. The farm is huge and we were there for four hours and there was still a lot to do.
We also had interviews with President Russell on Wednesday. For the most part they were uneventful and went really well. The only thing that happened was Sister Russell found out about our apartment. She was not happy to find out about the unclean water. Apparently no one knew about that. We had to call the mission office about that so we will see what happens.
We had a few lessons this week but none that really stood out. They were all really great and all of our investigators are progressing! It is great to watch them learn and grow so much in such a short time.
I would love to hear from everyone and I hope everyone is doing well!
Sister Payne

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