Week 5

Hi Everyone,
Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. I am doing great and learning more everyday. Oregon is amazing and I love all of the rain! My companion is Sister Schrecengost, it’s German.  She is great and we work well together. This Wednesday we have interviews with the mission president. We are serving in the Central Point 2nd ward and we love all of the members! They are willing to come out to lessons with us and we have a dinner most nights!
Our apartment that we live in is connected to a member’s home, Sister Richardson. It is really little and old. It is a little bit funny because most of the light switches are in different rooms or in the most random place (the one in the bathroom is in the cupboard). It is not the greatest place to live but I really don’t mind, besides it has a great view. It sits up on the hill a little bit so we can see all of the valley and on a clear day we can see the volcano that is on the other side of the valley. Also if you look hard enough you can see the Angel Moroni on the Medford temple. There is a little swampy area right in front of our apartment so every night you can hear the frogs… and there are a lot of frogs.
On Thursdays we go and volunteer at a soup kitchen that is here in Central Point. We go and serve food to the homeless for a few hours every week and that has helped me to appreciate everything that I have. It has helped me to realize that even though we might not have everything we want we are still blessed more than we realize.
Our investigators are doing well. One is named Chris and he agreed to be baptized by 2017, we would really like him to move it up but that will just take time. I know that he has a desire to be baptized and will get baptized; it just might take him some time to break some old habits. His wife is a member and she served a mission so he has support from her which is really great and helps a lot. We also have a new investigator named Laverne, I think she is in her 80’s or 90’s. She is the sweetest lady and has a lot of faith, she has been a member of her church for 70 years. Her husband has been having some health issues so it is hard to set up appointments with them.
I hope that everyone is doing well! I would love to hear from everyone!
Sister Payne

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